Joyeux Noël 2022 et heureuse année 2023

2022, children growing and projects concretizing

Passing the bar of 2 years old, Adele and Anouchka‘s autonomy became more significant. We can progressively start to reconnect with a better social and professional balanced life. Adele loves singing while Anouchka loves drawing. In September the 3 kids started in a new Dutch-English school (The Courtyard in Tervuren) which we’re very happy with.

Amedeo is turning 7, speaks almost fluently 3 languages and has so many passions (piano, guitar, chess, lego, scouts, football, swimming, …)

On her side Marie had a tough year, partly related to health issues. Last September she became a student again by starting a course of naturopathy. While the rhythm is quite intense, she’s very excited with what she’s learning.

Greg is still quite busy with his company. In 2022 the company reached a new milestone by saving 5 Billion liters of water in 12 month and got awarded the B-Corp label. He got recognized as Belgium 40under40 and IESE 40under40 for his achievements as an entrepreneur.

We hope you’re going well and had great holiday time. Let us know if you drop by Brussels, we would love to see you again ! Take care of you and your beloves ones.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2023