Joyeux Noël 2021 et Heureuse Année 2022

2021 a year of growth, in many ways ☺

Adèle and Anouchka got 1 year old in March. They were already walking but quickly started running. Spending summer-time in the mountains gave them more stability and now they’re already climbing almost everywhere. Adèle loves music and dancing, while Anouchka demonstrates a strong interest in drawing. They clearly show their differences now while still causing confusion on who is who for their grand-parents.

Amedeo, 6 years old, started primary school in September with classes of writing, reading and math (in Dutch), on top of which he practices piano, English classes and Aikido … he is full of energy and curious about so many things.

Marie had an intense start of the year with launching several challenges on Facebook related to feminity, in order to develop her business. She now reached the level 2 of life-coach and starts to have more clients. She took a break the last quarter of the year to slow down and prepare for next season.

Greg has had an intense year with his startup. After closing a major funding round in 2020, this year was focused on growing the business. At the end of the year, the team is now counting 30 people thanks to whom we x4 our revenue this year with presence in BE/FR/UK/DE. The trend is good and we will follow the same growth in 2022 to reach break-even.

We hope you’re going well and had great holiday time. Let us know if you drop by Brussels, we would love to see you again ! Take care of you and your beloves ones.